Total securities in issue - 26,392,596 ordinary shares.

Percentage of shares not in public hands - 77.09%

Substantial Shareholders


Greenstone Resources LP 75.69%
Taurus Mineral Limited (Note 1) 4.04%

Note 1 - Taurus Mineral Limited's stake is held through Kalahari Gold Limited (980,000 shares) and Kalahari Diamonds Limited (86,666 shares), both of which are 100% owned by Extract Resources Limited, which in turn is 100% owned by Taurus Mineral Limited



James Beams 0.74%
Mark Thompson 0.43%
Mark Sawyer (Note 2) 75.69%
Ken Sangster 0.08%


Note 2 - Held indirectly through Greenstone Resources L.P (“Greenstone”). Mark Sawyer does not have any direct interest in the Ordinary Shares or any options over Ordinary Shares but is a founding partner of Greenstone. Greenstone also holds the Tranche One Notes (as defined in the Company’s announcement yesterday), pursuant to the terms of the Greenstone Placing.

Key Shareholders and total securities in issue as of 29.03.2017